Introducing Wildlings the very first collection of Cherish by Indy.
This entire line was inspired by all the wild and untameable creatures of the earth. With our mission of trying to make the earth a cleaner, plastic free environment for not only us humans but for the animals that inhabit the planet as well, I thought, what better way to honour the animals than by painting them in beautiful dream like settings as our first collection.
Each animal painted, represents the wild and untamed energy they carry but surrounded by delicate florals and soft landscapes shows them in a different sort of light. Not the usual fierce animals you see on TV but an artwork, telling a story about how fragile these animals really are. They can’t speak up for themselves , they don’t have a voice like we do and can’t explain to the world to stop polluting their home.
Sadly the animals have to suffer with the harsh impact we humans create, such as air pollution, reef dredging, illegal hunting and mass amounts of plastic found in oceans, trees and national parks. With such negative things happening around both us and the animals, YOU have the power to create a positive change for yours and their future.
With a simple change such as switching from plastic to eco friendly bags is taking a step in the right direction already. Honour the oceans and purchase The ‘Dolphin Dreamer” bag or you can honour the sky and trees by purchasing the “Songbird” bag. Whatever it is you feel most connected to, whether it's the flowers and landscapes or the animal itself, take that leap of change and pick plastic free. Cherish our planet, cherish the animals and cherish your future
Cherish by Indy x